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A/N: Jinx is a character I created, mostly for the hell of it, in my revamp of Summer's Boys. This is a piece, written for PinkRangerV, to share something about his past. For the record, Jinx is nineteen, but he graduated high school at fifteen.... This story could be considered a spoiler for Summer's Boys, because it reveals a little more about Jinx, and some of the people who died during the Venjix Conquest.

Jinx threw himself on his bed with a sigh. He’d just spent the morning helping his parents pack up some of their important mementoes, and had been sent up to pack his own things. He glanced around his room, and the half packed duffle and backpack that awaited his return to work. He lay for a bit longer and then stood up, checking his list, he confirmed that his clothes were packed, as were his personal electronics equipment. Next, he took a folder out of his file cabinet, checked to make sure it had copies of his birth certificate, medical records, and education records, and slipped it into his backpack. He might not be able to finish his degrees if that virus proved as dangerous as his parents seemed to think, but at least he could find some kind of work.

Suddenly, the ancient monster alarms began to sound off. Although Angel Grove had been peaceful since the turn of the twenty first century, they still performed monster drills in honor of their heritage. Jinx grabbed a remote and turned on his TV, there was no way it was time for another drill. “I repeat,” the news reporter said, “Venjix attack forces have been spotted outside of Angel Grove. The Mayor has issued orders for the evacuation to begin; all citizens are to report to the Angel Grove High School.”


Jinx turned as his mother stopped in the doorway, “We have to go, now. Take whatever you’ve already packed.”

“Yes ma’am,” Jinx replied, he turned, zipped the two bags closed and lifted them, “I was almost done.” He nodded to the list on his desk.

“Right,” his mom began.

“Tanya! Jason and Trini are ready,” his dad said, coming up the stairs.

“What’s going on?” Jinx asked, as his dad appeared carrying a cardboard box.

“You need to go with Paul and Nina to the high school,” Tanya replied, she reached in the box and pulled out two devices that made Jinx’s eyes go wide.

“But,” he began.

“Julian Michael Park,” his dad said, “for once in your life, do not argue, just go.”

“Those are morphers,” Jinx said.

“Yes,” Tanya said as she fastened them to her wrists. “They are. They’re very old morphers, Julian. Your father and I are meeting up with some old friends to keep the Grinders distracted so the citizens can escape.”

“I can help,” Jinx replied.

“No,” his dad replied.

“But,” Jinx tried again.

“Adam!” A voice shouted, “Tanya, we don’t have much time. The first buses are about ready to go.” Jinx’s eyes widened as he recognized his Uncle Jason’s shout.

“We’re coming,” Adam called back. “Listen, Jinx,” he put his hand on Jinx’s shoulder, “I know that you want to help, but right now, you can’t. What you can do is get to Corinth safely with Nina and Paul. You have to go, now.”

“No,” Jinx said, “not without you.”

His brother Paul ran up the stairs, “We’re ready,” he said.

Jinx glared at him, “Did you know?”

“About them being Rangers?” Paul asked, “No. Now come on, Julian, we don’t have time to waste.”

“We have to go,” Uncle Jason shouted.

“Julian,” his mother said, “please.”

“You have to make it to Corinth City,” Jinx said, staring at his mom, and then his dad, “Promise me. You’ll make it.”

“We’ll see you there,” his dad said.

Jinx nodded and moved past them, fighting tears. He barely noticed Uncle Jason waiting by the door, or Aunt Trini hugging their daughter good bye. He climbed into the family’s SUV and stared out the window as the four adults stood on the front lawn. For a moment, the four looked at each other, as if they weren’t standing the middle of a soon to be war zone, and then they turned to face the van as Paul climbed into the driver’s seat.

“It’s Morphing Time,” Uncle Jason shouted producing something from behind his back, followed by Aunt Trini.

“Sabertooth Tiger,” Aunt Trini shouted.

“Tyrannosaurus,” Uncle Jason shouted.

“Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow,” his mom called.

“Zeo Ranger Four, Green,” his dad called.

There was a flash of light and Jinx started, because as often as he’d seen the history footage of the Power Rangers, there was a quality to seeing them in person that was unmatched. “Go,” His dad shouted as an explosive boom reached their ears. “Paul, get them out of here!”

Paul cranked the truck up and peeled out, while Jinx twisted in his seat to watch the four Power Rangers race towards the explosion. Beside him, Jamie, Uncle Jason and Aunt Trini’s younger son, began to cry.

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