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Universe: Supernatural AU
Characters: Dean, Sam, Gabriel, Castiel
Warnings: pre-slash, slash
Author: Guardian of Hope
Notes: Dean gets a new pet.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, I just wrote this for the hell of it.

The hellhound pup showed up in the middle of a ghost hunt and it would not go away.

It jumped into and out of the Impala when they opened the doors. It slipped into their hotel rooms every night, and to Dean's disgust, it kept trying to sleep on his bed.

Neither of them were sure where the hellhound pup had come from, or why they could see it, (and Sam couldn't figure out how Dean was certain it was a hellhound.)

Sam often thought that if Castiel had not gone MIA, Dean would have handled it better.

Not that Sam didn't miss Castiel; he just lacked Dean's uber-angsty, unspoken, hotly denied, unresolved lust for the fallen angel.

"Damn you dog back to hell!" Dean roared, startling Sam out of his thoughts. The elder Winchester slammed open the door to the bathroom and the pup came flying out as if it had been kicked.

"What happened," Sam asked, trying not to laugh.

Dean, with water dripping off his hair and torso, growled something that began "That damned dog," and ended with "in the bath!" Before slamming the door shut.

Sam looked at the pup, who was wet, and his lips twitched. "I think you may have been a little bit too curious," he commented.

The pup sneezed and looked pathetic.



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